Would your business benefit from taking on subcontractors but do you struggle to understand the requirements for filing CIS returns?

Our experience at Bells Payroll Services enables us to help your business benefit from using subcontractors while taking away any stress that is usually associated with such arrangements. We can get you registered for CIS initially, collate all the information for you, submit your returns on a monthly basis and provide you with a figure for the amount you are required to pay to HMRC.

Using subcontractors that have been verified by HMRC as well as legitimate self-employed resources, we can ensure that you save money while being protected from any unexpected liabilities.

This enables you to use self-employed CIS subcontractors regularly with confidence, without being liable to national insurance, sick pay and holiday pay issues.

When you point your CIS subcontractors in our direction we offer the following:

  • They will be verified with HMRC
  • All CIS tax due will be calculated accordingly
  • All payslips will be processed and emailed

We have many years of experience and your business will receive all the support it needs. Our team are very knowledgeable and they are supported by legal professionals as well as Professional Indemnity Insurance. We understand Employment Law and HMRC requirements, which means you can be sure that we are fully compliant.

When you choose to make use of our services you will experience the following benefits:

  • There are no set up fees or exit fees leaving you free to use our services as you please
  • There is no minimum term and no contractual tie-in
  • There is no minimum requirement for the number of subcontractors you are using
  • We charge a fixed fee price which is payable monthly via standing order so you always know exactly how much our services will cost in advance

Choose us to take care of all your CIS requirements – We are reliable, dependable and we give our clients the confidence they need to be able to trust in us.

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